Instant access to your collective knowledge

Are your employees or customers losing too much time trying to find information? You are not alone. Most organizations experience this. Using the latest tech, finding the right answers instantly is easy.

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Why instant access to knowledge 
is important

The amount of data and systems within an organization is growing fast. This makes employees and customers struggle to find accurate information. Providing them with instant relevant knowledge leads to exceptional customer experiences and increases your sales. And a happier staff!

Employees loose up to 2,5 hrs daily to find the information needed to do their jobs

If customers can’t find an answer within 2 minutes, they leave your website

85% of employees doubt if the information they share externally is correct

How we help

We build insight engines. Combining the power of AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding and Search tech, they make your internal knowledge easily available. One system at the fingertips of your staff or customers!

This means that the relevant intelligence is easily findable

But more important: your employees or customers receive instant answers to their questions.

Our Instant Insight Plan®

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360°-scan to understand your data-structure

We will create your customized insight engine

Instant access to your collective knowledge

Typically, if we work closely together, we will manage to complete the implemention within 3 months.

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We are happy to tell you all about our solutions and how your customers and staff can benefit from them. 

Of course, there are no strings attached and you will be totally free to work with us or not. 

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